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So Why Choose a Modular Cleanroom?


Our clean rooms are freestanding, solid and strong steel structures which are suitable for use within an existing cleanroom, lab, manufacturing area or warehouse.

Our Project Engineers are CTCB tested and rooms are validated to ISO14644-1.

We use HEPA filtration to create an exceptionally clean environment with 0.3 micron filtration with a speed controller so you can vary the air changes in the room as necessary.

Traditional build cleanrooms are static, whereas our modular design allows your clean room to be moved to different areas of your facility, or even different parts of the country if required, which means that as well as being less expensive per square metre than a traditional build, they also retain their value and carry on working for you.

The versatility of the modular cleanroom means that we have worked with a wide range of industries to provide them with tailored cleanroom solutions.

Softwall or Hardwall; Which Would Work Best For You? Soft wall panels are used for easy access to the room which means that there is no need for additional fire exits.

The simple Soft wall design means that only a minimum opening is created when entering or exiting the room. The Softwall strips are a highly economical solution as they are low cost and effective.

Hardwall panels are aesthetically pleasing and they also limit places of access to the cleanroom which will help implement correct entrance procedures. We use the latest in polymer glazing to ensure a good seal combined with hi-impact resistance and durability.

A hybrid is also possible, with Hardwall panels for external walls, using Sofwall Strips for access. The Softwall and Hardwall panels are manufactured from clear PVC and PeTG respectively which let light into the room and also allow people on the external of the room to oversee processes taking place inside the cleanroom.

A Cleanroom Needs to Breathe.

Following the intake of clean air, all cleanrooms require some space to let the dirty air escape.

Our cleanrooms have a gap right the way around the bottom of the room; this ensures an even airflow right through the room and means there are no corners or areas where particles can be retained. The positive airflow guarantees that no particles can re-enter the room through this gap.

To see how this works, click here to see our smoke challenge video

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