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Welcome to Connect 2 Cleanroom Ltd.


Our Clean Rooms

Do You Need to Turn an Uncontrolled Area into a Clean room Matter of Days or weeks?

We design and manufacture free standing modular structures in our own ISO 9000:2008 accredited facilities, which are designed and built specifically for a simple installation on site. The cleanroom can be easily fitted around existing machinery and furniture to assure little or no affect on your production and then validated to its necessary ISO 14644-1 clean room class.

As a UK manufacturer and exporter, Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd. can provide you with the most economical solution for dust control and prevention of contamination;

  • Low Cost
  • Experienced installation team, world wide.
  • High Quality
  • ISO Class 5, 6, 7 & 8
  • Rapid Dispatch (3 weeks from approval)

The modular design means that we can make a freestanding hard wall or softwall clean room of just a few square meters up to hundreds of square meters, depending on your requirements. The C2C clean rooms can be expanded as your demand increases as additional space can also be "added on" without any major upheaval or break in your processes. Your investment will be solid, but not static.

"Our cleanroom was installed professionally and efficiently and operates well within the specified parameters. The soft walls provide an economical solution for the flexibility we may require for future expansion." Satisfied Customer's Comment

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Our rooms are used in many environments; clean rooms, white rooms, laboratories, Injection Moulding, containment rooms, computer server rooms.

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